NEW! Bespoke Menswear

I was fascinated by bespoke tailoring ever since I started to be interested in classic menswear as a student. It was my dream to have a suit made by a tailor one day. My dream came true sooner than I had imagined in the late 1980s. When my first book "Gentleman" was published in 1999 I wanted to do a book about bespoke tailoring as my next project. It took a little longer until this dream became reality. But now the book is finally here. I have tried to portray bespoke tailoring in a comprehensive and detailled manner. I tell the story of the craft, I show the making of a bespoke suit, the bespoke shirt and the bespoke tie and I present several tailor shops. The photographs for the book were shot exclusively by Erill Fritz in various cities of Europe. The images of the tailoring process were taken in the workroom of bespoke tailor Kathrin Emmer in Potsdam, Germany.
A Guy's Guide to Shoes NEW! Bespoke Menswear

The companion for your journey through the world of bespoke tailoring. Richly illustrated with photographs that were shot exclusively for this book and with plenty of advice for the first visit to a bespoke tailor or shirtmaker.

Gentleman. A timeless fashion.

My first, most successful und best-known book. It was first published in Germany in spring 1999. The English edition was released later in the same year. 18 translations have followed. As the book focuses on classics hardly any changes have been necessary for almost 10 years. In 2008 the publishers and I decided to revise the book carefully. In spring 2009 the new edition of „Gentleman. A Timeless Fashion“ has been launched and remains a success worldwide.
Gentleman Gentleman
Gentleman is considered the world’s most widely read book on fashion because it has been translated into 18 languages.

A Guy's Guide to Style

In summer 2012 my latest book has been released in German and in English with several translations to come including Spanish, Danish and French. The book gives an overview of the modern man's wardrobe focused on timeless fashion.
A Guy's Guide To Style A Guy's Guide To Style
An overview of the contemporary man's wardrobe and loads of information that help to make better wardrobe choices.

A Guy's Guide to Shoes

The new book about men's shoes comes in the same size like "A Guy's Guide to Style". It presents the complete range of footwear and offers lots of advice on care and shopping. The pocket bible for the shoe connoisseur.
A Guy's Guide to Shoes A Guy's Guide to Shoes

A complete guide to men's shoes of all styles from slipper to the most expensive custom shoes. With lots of helpful info about dresscodes, fit, makers and brands.

British Tradition and Interior Design.

After Gentleman had been released Claudia Piras and I wrote a book on British lifestyles. We suggested that Rupert Tenison should take the photos. He had shot a number of very good photographs for Gentleman and to us he seemed perfectly suited for he job. Without Rupert and his wife Francesca a good deal of the interior shots would have not been possible to take. Most of them were photographed in private homes of people they knew. Working with Rupert and Francesca was great fun because they are wonderful people.
British Tradition and Interior Design British Tradition and Interior Design
This book is one of my favourite works although clothes only play a minor role in it. To many fans of British lifestyle it has become something like a bible.